Betty Mae Hartung

1. Betty Mae Hartung, b. 14 Dec 1913; daughter of Andrew Jackson Hartung and Emma Beatrice Young; m. Charles Ronald Hudkins 25 May 1934; d. 28 March 1991

Charles Ronald “Ron” Hudkins, b. 7 Feb 1913; d. 21 Sep 1994

2. Andrew Jackson Hartung, b. 19 Feb 1859; d. 30 Dec 1914 Haines, Baker county, OR

Notes: moved to OR from IL 1873

m1. Sadie W. Kirkpatrick, b. 2 May 1859 Hanover, KY; m. Andrew Jackson Hartung; d. 28 Mar 1904; m2. Emma Beatrice Young 26 April 1905 Quebec, Canada

3. Emma Beatrice Young, b. 21 Feb 1874; m1. 26 Apr 1905 Andrew J. Hartung in Quebec, Canada; m2. … Morgan; m3. Dr. Gilbert; d. 18 April 1958 Salem, Marion county, OR

Notes: Emma married three times but children of first marriage only.



Children of Andrew Jackson Hartung and Emma Beatrice Young:

i. Evelyn Hope Hartung, b. 16 Aug 1907 Upper Ranch, Haines, Baker county, OR; m. 16 June 1930 Asa Clive Zeller
ii. Lillian Beatrice “Bea” Hartung b. 20 Jan 1909 Upper Ranch, Haines, Baker county, OR; m. 5 Aug 1936 Marion Edward “Gus” Moore; d. 5 Nov 1995 CA; buried Belcrest Cemetery, Salem, Marion county, OR
iii. Betty Mae Hartung, b. 14 Dec 1913 Lower Ranch, Haines, Baker county, OR; m. Charles Ronald Hudkins 25 May 1934; d. 28 Mar 1991 Salem, Polk county, OR

Notes: Emma Beatrice Young came to Haines to visit Uncle Will and Aunt Isobell. Harry didn’t move to Haines until several years after Emma married AJ Hartung … Evelyn Hope Hartung

While shopping one day Mom noticed that a person with a cane was seated and things brought to them… so she bought a cane and used it while shopping… Evelyn Hope Hartung

After Hartung died she married Mr. Morgan, a storekeeper at Rock Creek; I was in the second grade through the eighth grade; he died and she married Dr. Gilbert, a Methodist Minister… he lived two years… Evelyn Hope Hartung

4. Alexander M. Hartung, b. 9 Nov 1829 Britten, Germany; m. Lucinda Mascher 1857; d. 12 Nov 1903 Haines, Baker county, OR, buried Haines Cemetery

Notes: m. 1857; made marriage trip to Germany; lost all his money in a business venture in MI… Lucinda sold quilts and traded for food… 1878 went west in wagon train.

5. Lucinda Mascher, b. 23 Aug 1839; d. 23 Sep 1915, buried Haines, Baker county, OR


Children of Alexander M. Hartung and Lucinda Mascher:
i. Andrew Jackson Hartung, b. 19 Feb 1859 IL

Notes: 1900 census Baker county, OR for Rock Creek Precinct:
Hartung, Andrew J. Feb 1859 IL Ge OH
Sadie W. May 1859 KY IL OH
Susie A. adau Oct 1884 WA NC —
Alaric J. ason Sep 1892 WA — —
Alexander M. dad Oct 1829 Ge Ge Ge
Lucinda mom Aug __ md 42 OH — —

Notes: Olivine and Alaric Speelman were adopted

Haines precinct:

Masher, Theodore B. Mar 1851 IN Ge Ge
Susan A. Mar 1853 PA PA PA
m. 22 years
Elizabeth M. Oct 1878 IL IN PA
Martha A. Jun 1884 IL IN PA
May A. Jan 1887 IL IN PA
Minnie L. Mar 1889 NE IN PA
Grace E. Nov 1892 NE IN PA

Notes: from Grace: Mom born in PA; dad in IL; brother Andrew named after Andrew J. Hartung; Grpa and Grma Mascher born Ge met on boat coming to USA, her first husband died; she married Grpa on the boat and he adopted her child Henry, who was killed in the Civil War April 1862.; the family moved to OR in Sept 1894; Gpa and Gma Mascher had 5 boys 4 girls. Sadie Kirkpatrick was a sister to Aunt Annie that married mother’s brother.; lived at Terre Haute, INdiana and moved to Effingham, IL

6. William C. Young
7. Isabel Hatch

Notes: 14 children: William, Connie, Jack, Bella, Harry, Vennie, Ebenzer, Ann, — Emma…

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