1. Lydia Belle Mysinger, daughter of John Michael Mysinger and Frances Cordelia Alston; b. 18 March 1890 Harrison, Boone county, AR; d. 25 Dec 1966 in a nursing home at Longview, Cowlitz county, WA; buried Woodbine cemetery near Rainier, Columbia county, OR; married Abija Lee Rea



Wedding Picture of Lydia


[Grandma Rea (Lydia Belle Mysinger) didn’t say much about her ancestors. In fact she said no one would ever find them. We don’t know why she said that — we have wondered why she said that — but we have found them… ldr]

2. John Michael Mysinger, b. 10 Feb 1860 , Greene county, TN; married 21 Dec 1886, Frances Cordelia Alston, Harrison, Boone county, AR; d. 8 Apr 1919 Delena, Columbia county, OR

Note: John Michael Mysinger came to Delena to visit his brother-in-law Charles Alston and died… the Rea family came to the funeral and liked the country… they moved from Idaho to Delena.

3. Frances Cordelia Alston, b. 19 May 1865 MS; d. 11 July 1930 Milwaukie, Clackamas county, OR; married John Michael Mysinger



Children of John Michael Mysinger and Frances Cordelia Alston:

i. Lydia Belle Mysinger, b. 18 Mar 1890 Harrison, Boone county, AR; d. 25 Dec 1966 Longview, Cowlitz county, WA; m. Abija Lee Rea 17 Oct 1907
ii. Marshal Josiah Mysinger, b. 17 Apr 1892 Harrison, Boone county, AR; d. 10 Dec 1974 Rainier, Columbia county, OR; m. Gertrude Adelade Brandon 1 Jul 1912
iii. Carl Franklin Mysinger, b. 25 Nov 1901 Harrison, Boone county, AR; d. 3 Jan 1965 Portland, Multnomah county, OR; m. Olive Collinge 6 Jun 1931



Family Picture


Mysinger and Rea families
Back row: Carl, Marshal Josiah, Gertrude (Brandon) Mysinger
Middle row: John Michael, Frances (Alston) Mysinger;
Lydia Belle(Mysinger) Rea, Abija Lee Rea
Front row: Ernest Lee Rea, Esther Belle Rea, Lex Columbus Rea


Notes: Gertrude Adelade Brandon, b. 4 July 1894 Blue Ridge, Collins county, TX; daughter of Henry I. Brandon and Armentie Jenkins

Children of Marshal Josiah Mysinger and Gertrude Adelade Brandon:

Elmer Gerald Mysinger, b. 30 Apr 1914 Boise, Ada county, ID
Vern Leroy Mysinger, b. 7 May 1919, Boise, Ada county, ID

4. Michael Mysinger, b. 1828 Greene county, TN d…; married 27 Nov 1855 Nancy Caroline Dykes

5. Nancy Caroline Dykes, b. 1834 [Dyche]



Children of Michael Mysinger and Nancy Dykes:

Martha Ann Mysinger, b. 1856
Calvin L. Mysinger, b. 1857
John Michael Mysinger, b. 1859


1860C Greene county, TN

Michael Mysinger 32
Nancy 26
Martha Ann 4
Calvin L. 3
John M. 1
Moridicia Dyke 9

8. William Mysinger, b…; married: 23 Mar 1820 Elizabeth Crum; Greene county, TN witness; Frederick Cutshell

9. Elizabeth Cutshall b…; d…; m1. John Crum m2. William Mysinger



Children of William Mysinger and Elizabeth Cutshall:

i. Michael Mysinger, b. 1828 ii. Nancy J. Mysinger, b. 1829
iii. Phillip Mysinger, b. 1830
iv. Emaline Mysinger, b. 1831



1860C Greene county, TN

William Mysinger 62
Elizabeth 61
Phillip 30
Nancy J. 31
Emaline 29,
Andrew J. Cutshawl 13

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