George Washington Rea

George Washington Rea married Rebecca Ross. They lived in KY; settled in AR

George Washington Rea
born: 10 Aug 1832 , Hopkins, KY
married first: 4 May 1854; Rebecca Louina Ross
married second: 18 Jul 1878; Margaret Rhuamah Evans
died: 9 Apr 1926; Alpena Pass, Boone, AR
buried: ,Boone, AR
Father: Starling H. Rea
Mother: Martha Patsy Sisk

Family Picture


Standing, from left: Robert M., William H., Sarepta E., Sarah C., George F., Theodore C., Francis M.
Seated: Hugh D., Mary R., Ina A., Ava E., Margaret R., George W. Rea



1.1: Francis Marion Rea 1855 KY
1.2: Theodore Columbus Rea 1857 KY
1.3: Martha Mahala Rea 1860 KY
1.4: George Fountaine Rea 1862 AR
1.5: Sarath Catherine Rea 1866 AR
1.6: Sarepta Electa Rea 1868 AR
1.7: William Henry Rea 1870 AR
1.8: Timothy Dewitt Rea 1872 AR
1.9: Starling Edgar Rea 1874 AR

2.10: Robert Milton Rea 1879 AR
2.11: Ava Eliza Rea 1881 AR
2.12: Iva Alice Rea 1884 AR
2.13: Sam Peel Rea 1887 AR
2.14: Mary Ruby Rea
2.15: Hugh Dinsmore Rea 1892 AR

[Ralph R. Rea, grandson of George W. Rea, documents George’s participation in the Confederate Army under the flag of Sterling Price.]

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