Charles Ronald Hudkins

1. Charles Ronald “Ron” Hudkins, b. 7 Feb 1913 Wilbur, Lincoln county, WA; m. Betty Mae Hartung 25 May 1934 Salem, Marion county, OR; d. 21 Sep 1994 at home under hospice care at Salem, Polk county, OR; cremated, memorial stone at Belcrest Cemetery, Salem, Marion county, OR

Betty Mae Hartung, b. 14 Dec 1913 Lower ranch, Haines, Baker county, OR; daughter of Andrew Jackson Hartung and Emma Beatrice Young; m. Charles Ronald Hudkins 25 May 1934; d. 28 March 1991 at home under hospice care Salem, Polk county, OR; cremated, memorial stone at Belcrest Cemetery, Salem, Marion county, OR



children of Betty Mae Hartung and Charles Ronald Hudkins:

i. Margo Ann Hudkins
ii. Charles Ronald “Chuck” Hudkins Jr.
iii. John Martin Hudkins

2. Charles Hudkins, b. 10 March 1881 MO; son of Floyd Hudkins and Mary Margaret Dimond; m. Ida Jane Jolly; d. 14 Mar 1964 Salem, Marion county, OR; buried Wilbur, Lincoln county, WA

3. Ida Jane Jolly, b. 4 Aug 1891 at Moscow, ID; m. 25 Feb 1912 Lewiston, ID to Charles Hudkins; d. Santa Barbara,,CA; cremated, ashes spread at sea



Children of Charles Hudkins and Ida Jane Jolly:

i. Charles Ronald “Ron” Hudkins
ii. Maurice Jolly Hudkins
iii. John Haydahl, foster son

Notes: Pop had a homestead near Potlatch… Nona was born at Moscow… mjh

4. Floyd Hudkins, b. 1 Feb 1847 VA; m. Mary Margaret Dimond 1874 MO; d. 1935 Wilbur, Lincoln county, WA

5. Mary Margaret Dimond, b. 1854 Iowa; m. Floyd Hudkins 1874 MO; d. 1925 Wilbur, Lincoln county, WA



Children of Floyd Hudkins and Margaret Dimond:

i. Frank Hudkins, b. 1875 Marysville, Nodaway county, MO; m. Effie Kunz
ii. Alice “Allie” Hudkins, b. 1878; d. 1958; m. Elmer E. Jones
iii. Burt Hudkins; wife Jessie, sons Melvin and Dexter
Nora Hudkins, d. of Typhoid as a teenager
iv. Charles Hudkins, b. 10 Mar 1881 Marysville, Nodaway county, MO
v. Daniel Hudkins,
vi. Harry Hudkins, b. 1887; d. 1916 buried at Wilbur, Lincoln county, WA

6. Jasper Newton Jolly, b. 28 Oct 1857 at Quincy, IL; m. 1 Jan 1882 Jennie Nellie Gary, Fairbury, NE; 7. Jennie Nellie Gary, b. 17 May 1861 Van Dalia, MI; daughter of Justus Whitcomb Gary and Jane Cornelia Olmstead; m. Jasper Newton Jolly 1 Jan 1882 Fairbury, NE; d. 12 Jun 1928 Clarkston, ,WA



Children of Jasper Newton Jolly and Jennie Nellie Gary:

i. James Thomas Jolly, b. 2 Oct 1882 Reynolds, NE
ii. Minnie Alice Jolly, b. 24 Sep 1883 O’Neil, NE
iii. Hattie May Jolly, b. 19 Sep 1885 O’Neil, NE
iv. Myrtle Izzetta Jolly, b. 14 Jan, 1887 O’Neil, NE
v. John Leonard Jolly, b. 9 July 1889, Eau Claire, MI; d. 7 Sep 1900
vi. Ida Jane Jolly, b. 4 Aug 1891, Moscow, ID
vii. Effie Matilda Jolly, b. 3 Jan 1893 Moscow, ID
viii. Charles William Jolly, b. 16 July 1896 Moscow, ID
ix. Frederick Russell Jolly, b. 16 Jan 1898 d. 16 Jan 1898 Moscow, ID

8. Elisha Hudkins, b, 1811 VA; m. Rachel Mearns, probably in VA; d. IL

9. Rachel Mearns, b. May 1814 VA; m. Elisha Hudkins, probably in VA; d. 16 July 1891 Flora, Wallowa county , OR; buried Flora Cemetery



Children of Elisha Hudkins and Rachel Mearns:

i. Ellen Hudkins, b. 1834 VA
ii. Cemantha Hudkins, b. 1838 VA
iii. William Hudkins, b. 1839 VA; d. Civil War
iv. Jasper Hudkins, b. 1841 VA
v. Andrew Hudkins, b. 1843 VA
vi. Mary Hudkins, b. 1845 VA
vii. Floyd Hudkins, b. 1 Feb 1847 VA
viii. Walker Hudkins, b. 1849 VA

Notes: From 1850 Census Barbour county, VA (became part of WV after Civil War)

Elisha Hudkins 39 VA farmer
Rachel 32 VA

Ellen 16
Cemantha 12
William 11
Jasper 9
Andrew 7
Mary 5
Floyd 3
Walker 1
Susan Hudkins 83

Walker Hudkins, lived in Albany, OR; Mary McCall lived with and cared for him; then Walker went to live with his son Russel Hudkins (who had a son named Walker) near Sweet Home.
Walker also had a daughter named Rachel… died a young woman; Emily was the name of his wife; –mjh

Mary Jane Hudkins, b. 20 Apr 1846 WV; m. William McCall; d. 19 Feb 1934 LaGrande, Union county, OR; buried Grandview Cemetery, LaGrande.

Notes: Rachel was the first burial in the cemetery at Flora; She moved to Flora to be near her daughter Mary Jane McCall. Mary Jane Hudkins married William McCall b. 26 Dec 1837 TN; d. 27 Jan 1918 Island City, Union county, OR; buried Grandview Cemetery, LaGrande, Union county, OR; father Joseph McCall, mother Malinda Cradic McCall

The Hudkins family moved from Missouri to California… then to Lewiston when Pop was about 9. –mjh

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