Starling H. Rea

Starling H. Rea married Martha Patsy Sisk and they settled in KY

Starling H. Rea
born TN, 1809
married: 28 Oct 1829; Martha Patsy Sisk
died: 1847
buried: , Hopkins, KY
father: James Rea
mother: Elizabeth A. Cisney

1.1: George Washington Rea (1832)
m. Rebecca L. Ross
1.2: John T. Rea (1834)
1.3: Milton D. Rea (1836)
m. Sarah E. E. Utley
1.4: Alfred Henry Rea (1838)
m. Martha Dobyns
1.5: Richard Rea (1839)
1.6: Elizabeth Rea; (1840-1857)
m. Charles Smith
1.7: Mary C. Rea (1843)
m. Talbert H. Sisk
1.8: Sarah Jessie Rea (1845)
m. Samuel Tierry

[Starling H. Rea, probably “Sterling Henry Rea”, died from TB, and is buried in the Rea-Wilson cemetery near Beulah, Hopkins, KY. Interesting fact is that Alexander Rhea’s will identified Ellen Rhea married John Wilson… Wouldn’t it be interesting if James named his son “John W. Rea” after John Wilson.]

[Starling is such an unusual name for the family we think it might be a link to another surname.. Sterling is a well known Irish surname… Starling Rhea in TN; Starling Rea in AL, born in SC.]

[Starling’s will lists his father, James Rea, and his brother in law John Lynch. Elizabeth Sisk married John Lynch so Elizabeth is not a sister to Starling.]

Martha Patsy Rea
married 2: Jul 25, 1855; William H. Barton; KY

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