Alfred Smith Woodward

1. (iv.) Alfred Smith Woodward; b. 3 May 1863; m. Amelia Elizabeth Campbell 22 Oct 1888 Multnomah county, OR; d. 8 July 1942; buried Douglass Cemetery, Troutdale, Multnomah county, OR

Amelia Elizabeth Campbell, b. … m. Alfred Smith Woodward 22 Oct 1888; d. 9 Nov 1946 in a nursing home at Pe Ell, Lewis county, WA 26 November 1946; buried Douglass Cemetery, Troutdale, Multnomah county, OR



Children of Alfred Smith Woodward and Amelia Elizabeth Campbell:

i. Cecilia Mildred Woodward, b. 24 Apr 1890 ii. Roy E. Woodward, b. 7 Jan 1892 iii. Alice Hilda Woodward, b. 23 May 1895 iv. Ada Gertrude, b. 11 Nov 1897 v. John Lester Woodward, b. 21 Mar 1900; d. child vi. Alfred Howard Woodward, b. 21 Sep 1901 vii. Stanley Woodward, b. 2 May 1907 viii. Lynne Addison Woodward, b. 28 May 1911 ix. William Forrest Woodward, b. 18 Aug 1914; d. child History of Alfred Smith Woodward

Alfred Smith Woodward was born 3 May 1863 at Cascade Locks, Oregon, the third of five sons born to John and Sarah Ough. His father, John Woodward had fought in the Indian wars, the last being the Modoc war of the Klamath area of southern Oregon and northern California and had homesteaded the area of their home at Cascade Locks, Oregon. His wife Sarah was the daughter of the pioneer Ough family of the Washougal, Wash. area. She was a sister of Grace Latourelle, wife of Joseph Latourelle of pioneer fame, and also a sister of Mrs. … Dunn who lived with her husband on the high ridge east of Troutdale and northeast of the Ed Woodward place, at one time in early pioneer days.

In early boyhood Alfred lived with his uncle, Joseph Latourelle and family, his father and mother having separated, leaving the boys for the father to care for. While living with the Latourelle family he attended the Mountain school mentioned in Lydia Ostrand’s historical sketch of this pioneer era. The school house as he remembered it, was near the west line of the James Deaver farm and east and a little north of the William Croston house on what was probably Painter property at the time.

Alfred, or “Al” as he was familiarly known, grew to manhood in the Latourell Falls-Cascade Locks area and was one of the organizers of the Latourell Falls wagon road and Flume Co. and helped to build the wagon road and flume from Latourell Falls to Brower, a small sawmill town near the westerly foot of Larch Mountain. These were constructed as toll facilities but were financial failures as about the only traffic on the road was the supply and mail wagon operated by “Uncle Joe Latourell and by the early closing of the Brower and Thompson Lumber Co. which was the only source of traffic for the flume.

He was married on October 22, 1888 to Amelia Elizabeth Campbell, daughter of a pioneer family who had crossed the plains by wagon train. Their first home was on the old Knapp place about a mile west of Brower where the first child, Cecelia Mildred was born April 24, 1890. They next moved to house No. 2 in the mill town of Brower where Roy E. was born January 7, 1892. Al was working as edgerman at the Brower and Thompson mill at the time. Later he was foreman of the mill at a magnificient salary of $50 per month. William “Bill” Burkholder worked in the yard at the mill, putting the lumber down the chute into the flume which carried the lumber to the drying yard and planing mill at Latourell Falls. The capacity of the mill was about 50,000 board feet daily and Bill, with very little assistance, put the entire product down the chute into the flumes.

In the summer of 1895 Al was working for a time with Uncle Joe’s seining crew on Smith Island about opposite Rooster Rock and living at Latourell Falls. Here Alice Hilda was born May 23, 1895. In the fall the family returned to Brower where Al resumed his work at the mill until 1897 when he moved to Palmer’s mill, where Ada Gertrude was born November 11, 1897. From Palmer’s mill the family moved back to Brower and then to Maffat’s Mill where a son, John Lester, was born February 21, 1900. John lived only one month, dying on March 21, 1900.

The family moved to the old Adler farm near Corbett in 1900. Here Alfred Howard was born September 21 , 1901, Stanley on May 2, 1907, Lynn Addison on May 28, 1911 and William Forrest August 18, 1914. William lived but a few days passing away on August 21, 1914. Cecelia, who was then Mrs. Earl Williams, died during the flu epidemic on November 8, 1918 and is buried at Mountain View Cemetery on the Evans place in the same plot with John and William who had died as infants. Stanley died May 27, 1940 at Portland and his ashes occupy a vault at the Portland Mausoleum.

“Al” served as County Road Supervisor at Corbett for 20 years before his death there July 2, 1942. During this time he saw the completion of the road to the top of Larch Mountain, which had been his favorite dream for many years. Completion of this road was particularly pleasing to him as it followed very nearly the route he had chosen for it. After his death Amelia went to live with the eldest son, Roy, at South Bend, Pacific county, Washington. She passed away at a nursing home near Pe Ell, Lewis county, Washington November 26, 1946. both are buried in Douglass Cemetery near Troutdale.

Living members of the family July 1962 are: Roy E. at South Bend, Pacific county, Wash., Alice H. (Mrs. A. J. Landeen) at Portland, Ada G. (Mrs. Roy Stokes) Seattle, Wash. Alfred H. “Fred” at Waldport, Oregon and Lynn A. near Los Angeles, California.

Obituary: Alfred Howard Woodward 80, died March 31, 1982 at the Newport Community Hospital. Woody was born September 12, 1901 of his mother Amelia Elizabeth Campbell and father Alfred Smith Woodward.

He was of a pioneer family, starting with an Englishman named Richard Ough marrying Princess White Wing. They had several children, with one of their daughters Running Fawn, marrying into the Woodward family.

Woody attended Oregon Agricultural College, which is now Oregon State University. While attending school he became a very good baseball pitcher, and you will find his picture at the men’s gym in the Hall of Fame.

After leaving College he played baseball for several different clubs. It was a Sunday afternoon’s outing for him to play ball and his father to sit in the stand to watch his son.

Woody worked for the County of Multnomah at Corbett, Oregon for about ten years, leaving the area during world war two to work in the Douglas Aircraft plant in Southern California. He then took up the trade of carpentry for his life’s work, and pursued this trade until his retirement.

He arrived back in Oregon in 1952 where he soon met and married his wife Flora. For over 27 years Flora and Woody have made their life together – living most of it at Waldport.

Woody always had his flower and vegetable gardens, he definitely had a green thumb. His vegetables were always abundant and healthy and his flowers were the most beautiful on the block. He helped many people – too numerous to mention by name. He would take care of someone’s yard or garden, he would repair their cupboards, or maybe their plumbing.

Woody was a good man and all who knew him loved him very much. Survivors include his wife Flora Lee of Waldport, his brother Lynn of Elsinore, California. Two daughters: Dorothy Clark of Mulino, Oregon and Jessie Cooper of Burntwoods. Three step children Melvin Hiller of Annapolis, Maryland; Darlene Hiller of Spokane, Washington and Jerry Hiller of Corvallis, Oregon. He had numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren.

1. (v.) Samuel Woodward, b. 22 April 1866 Washougal, Clark county, WA; m. 11 June 1895; d. 1 Nov 1927 Portland, Multnomah county, OR; buried Cascade Locks, Clackamas county, OR; m. Susan Elizabeth Greer, b. 22 Jan 1879 Mill Creek, The Dalles, Wasco county, OR; d. 11 Jan 1953 Gresham, Multnomah county, OR; buried 14 Jan 1953 Cascade Locks, OR; father William J. Greer, mother Roseast Guyette

Susan Elizabeth Greer, b. … m. …. d. ….


Children of Samuel Woodward and Susan Elizabeth Greer:

i. John William Woodward, b. 21 Apr 1896 Cascade Locks; m. Jennie M. Allinger 11 May 1961 Hood River.
ii. Henry James Woodward, b. 7 Aug 1897; d. 11 May 1952
iii. Mabel Claire Woodward, b. 3 April 1899; d. 15 Jun 1974; m. Martin Dietrich
iv. Sidney Alton Woodward, b. 30 Sep 1900; m. Naomi Celeste Allinger
v. Stella Ruth Woodward, b. 6 July 1902 d. 15 June 1974
vi. Nellie Rose Woodward, b. 14 Mar 1905; d. 4 May 1971; m. Myron Weaver
vii. Arthur Greer Woodward, b. 14 Jun 1907; d. 19 Aug 1937
viii. Leslie William Woodward, b. 10 Feb 1911; d. 26 Dec 1932
ix. Bessie Lorraine Woodward, b. 27 Mar 1913; d. 30 Mar 1913; all Cascade Locks
x. Nora Jean Woodward, b. 3 Jan 191x Hood River; m. Merle Evans
xi. Robert Earl Woodward, b. 22 Dec 1918 Hood River; m. Zada Magee

2. John Davis Woodward, b. 18 May 1828 IN; m. Sarah C. Ough 5 Mar 1857, probably Skamania county, WA; d. 25 Dec 1897 Old Soldier’s Home Roseburg, OR; block 35, grave 8

3. Sarah C. Ough; b. ca 1834 Clark county, WA; d. 26 Apr 1926; father Richard Ough (Howe); mother Betsy Slahuts (Schlyhous, also Huehney) Sarah m2. … Cambrouse



Children of John Davis Woodward and Sarah C. Ough:

i. Richard Woodward, b. 30 Dec 1857; m. Emma Allen
ii. William Woodward, b. ca 1860 (deaf and dumb)
iii. James Henry Woodward, b. May 1862
* iv. Alfred Smith Woodward, b. ca 1864; m. Amelia (1890)
* v. Samuel Woodward, b. 22 Apr 1866; m. Susan Greer

4. Samuel Woodward, b. 1 Aug 1792 lost Creek, Jefferson TN; d. 26 Aug 1859 Honey Creek Hardin county, Iowa; m. Abigail Shelley; b. 5 Aug 1797; d. 21 Mar 1868

5. Abigail Shelley, b. 5 Aug 1797; d. 21 Mar 1868



Children of Samuel Woodward and Abigail Shelley:

i. Andrew J. Woodward, b. 3 Dec 1814; m. Mary Jane Free
ii. William A. Woodward, b. 24 Oct 1815; m. Ruth Hadley
iii. Nathan S. Woodward, b. 28 Nov 1816; m. Scyntha Cook
iv. Pryor Woodward, b. 10 May 1818; m. Susanna Hadley
v. Annon Woodward, b. 9 Apr 1820
vi. Charles E. Woodward, b. 9 May 1821; m. Lavina Cook
vii. Elizabeth Jane Woodward, b. 1 Apr 1823 TN; m. Sam McCraken; TN
viii. Margaret Ann Woodward, b. 23 Oct 1824 IN; m. Riley Canaday
ix. Mary E. Woodward, b. 3 Dec 1826 IN; m. Alfred Smith
x. John D. Woodward, b. 18 May 1828 IN; m. Lotorvell (Latourell*ldr)
xi. Samuel M. Woodward, b. 15 Dec 1829 IN; m. Mary Hinshaw;

8. William Woodward, b. 29 May 1768, Center, Greenbrough, Guilford county, NC m. 6 Nov 1788; d. 17 Oct 1812; married Elizabeth Millikan, b. 8 Apr 1769 Lost Creek, Jefferson county, TN

9. Elizabeth Millikan, b. 8 Apr 1769 Lost Creek, Jefferson county, TN



Children of William Woodward and Elizabeth Millikan:

i. Hannah Woodward, b. 5 Sep 1790; m. Henry Mills
ii. Samuel Woodward, b. 1 Aug 1792; m. Abigail Shelley
iii. Ann Woodward, b. 15 Nov 1794 m. Zachariah Mills
iv. Jane Woodward, b. 14 Feb 1798; m. Ezra Hinshaw
v. Abraham Woodward, b. 23 Dec 1800; m. Sarah Mendenhall
vi. William Woodward, b. 13 Sep 1803; m.
vii. Benjamin Woodward, b. 17 Jun 1806
viii. Jesse Woodward, b. 23 Dec 1809;
all born Lost Creek, Jefferson county, TN

16. Abraham Woodward, b. 17 Jun 1740 d. 3 Aprl 1817 m. Hannah Thornbrough b. 20 Nov 1738; Deep River, Rowan county, NC; d. 30 Oct 1812; Jefferson county, TN

17. Hannah Thornbrough, b. 20 Nov 1738 Deep River, Rowan county, NC; d. 30 Oct 1812, Jefferson county, TN



Children of Abraham Woodward and Hannah Thornbrough:

i. Eli Woodward, b. 17 May 1761
ii. Susanna Woodward, b. 2 Sep 1764 m. William Frazier
iii. Hannah Woodward, b. 31 Feb ? 1766
iv. William Woodward, b. 29 May 1768 m. Elizabeth Millikan
v. John Woodward, b. 6 Apr 1770
vi. Aaron Woodward, b. 4 Mar 1772
vii. Jane Woodward, b. 3 dec 1775
viii. Eliza Woodward, b. 7 May 1777 m. Mr. Frazier
ix. Alice Woodward, b. 14 July 1779
x. Abraham Woodward, b. 25 Mar 1782
xi. Mary Woodward, b. abt 1784;
all from Center, Guilford county, NC

32. William Woodward m. 24 Mar 1733 West Bradford, Chester county, PA; m1 Eliza Marshall; m2 Hannah Lewis



Children of William Woodward and Eliza Marshall etal

i. Mary b. 11 Jun 1735 m. Aaron Mendenhall
ii. James b. 28 Jan 1736-7 m. Alice Thornburg
iii. Abraham Woodward, b. 17 Jun 1740 m. Hannah Thornburg
iv. William Woodward, b. 8 Aug 1743 m. Lydia Lewis
v. Hannah Woodward, b. 7 Mar 1753 m. Abraham Taylor
vi. John Woodward, b. 30 Jun 1749 m. Lydia Martin;
all of West Bradford, Chester county, PA

64. Richard Woodward Jr. b….; d. 17 Nov 1752; West Bradford, Chester county, PA m1 Esther Davis, m2 Deborah Stanfield, m3 Susanne Cureton, m4 Martha Heald



Children of Richard Woodward Jr. and Esther Davis etal

i. Esther Woodward, m. Christopher Wilson
ii. Sarah Woodward, m. Evan Jones
iii. Jane Woodward, m. Joseph Hayes
iv. William Woodward, m. Eliza Marshall
v. Elizageth Woodward, m. Thornbury
vi. Hannah Woodward, m. James Shuffledge
vii. Mary Woodward, m. George Entriken
viii. James Woodward, m. Ann Pyle
ix. Grace Woodward, m. James Millison
x. John Woodward, m. Sarah Barnard
xi. Richard Woodward, m. Abigail Hayes
All born in West Bradford, Chester county, PA

128. Richard Woodward Sr.; b. 1636; d. 8 Jan 1706; m. Jane…



Children of Richard Woodward Sr. and Jane ….

i. Martha Woodward, m. Baker
ii. Jane Woodward, m. Nathaniel Newlin
iii. Mary Woodward, m. John Newlin
iv. Sarah Woodward, m. Robert Chamberlin Jr.
* v. Richard Woodward, m. Esther Davis
vi. Thomas Woodward, m.
vii. Edward Woodward, m. Abigail Edge
viii. Joseph Woodward, m. Elizabeth Mercer

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