The Star Logging Company


June 4, 1897: New Logging Road: Mr. J. H. Peterson, known as Lucky Jack, for a long time connected with the Western Lumber Co. of Portland, has a steam logging plant tapping timber in the Beaver Valley. He has surveyed about 7 miles of road, reaching to the Columbia at Banzer’s place below Rainier. The Meserve brothers have a contract of building 2 1/2 miles of the road.

July 8, 1898: Operations ceased: J. H. Peterson, manager of the Star Logging Co. near Hudson, is cutting down his force, having discharged 35 men recently for a number of reasons: (1) the high water has lifted the apron of his log chute making it difficult to get logs into the slough; (2) the market for logs is completely demoralized.

January 27, 1899: J. H. Peterson, the Rainier Logger, road surveyed seven miles, at present working at three miles. His camp has a telephone line.


August 9, 1901: The Star Logging Co., under management of J. H. Peterson for several years, has passed into new hands. The North Pacific Mill Co., has assumed control and plans to extend the line of the road to the Columbia River.


November 29, 1901: Big Timber Deal Completed; The Star Logging and Lumbering Co. of Rainier sold to J. B. Yeon for $81,000; includes 5,160 acres, four and a half miles of railroad, three locomotives and four donkey engines; about 125,000,000 feet of timber, employs 250 men. J. B. Yeon is a well known logger. Last year he sold a large tract on the Elokaman river to Pelton and Armstrong Co.

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