The Portland Lumber Company


December 15, 1905: One of the largest timber and logging deals made in Portland for years was consummated last week, when the firm of Yeon & Pelton sold to the Portland Lumber Company its entire logging camp and timber located four and one half miles back of Rainier. The deal involves the sum of $225,000, and for this amount the Portland Lumber Company obtains 125,000,000 feet of the finest second growth fir in the state, and also an up to date and fully equipped logging outfit.

The Yeon and Pelton company turned over management of its big logging camps on January 1, 1906 to the Portland Lumber Company. While the work will run along in the same manner, it is with regret that Rainier bids goodbye to Mr. Yeon, the principal owner in the retiring company. — Rainier Review (December 29, 1905)



The Portland Lumber Company closed their logging operation back of this place last Saturday [July 11, 1914] for an indefinite period.

The closing of this company means the employment of several hundred men. Several men who live out at the camp and have been with the company for a number of years and who have built permanent residence near the main camp, are packing up their household goods and moving out.



While the reasons for the close down has been hinted at by many interested persons, the real cause is uncertain as far as the general public has any knowledge of. It is said that the Gray’s River camp, owned by the same company have greatly increased their working capacity and that that camp is now working over time. This would appear that the camp back of this place is proving an expensive proposition to operate and that the company have decided to close down to wait an advance in price of logs.

December 24, 1914: The Portland Lumber Co., employing about 500 men, also have big camps south of town, and sell logs to the trade. Their tracks run to Rinearson, about four miles down the river and most of the logs are towed to their mill at Portland.



Thursday, Jan 6, 1916: ..Contracts were closed Friday whereby the Rinearson plant of the Portland Lumber Company is taken over by a newly organized company to be known as the Noyes-Holland Logging Company. Included in the deal are the camp equipments, rolling stock and all other holdings, including 25,000 acres of timber land.

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